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"Much more than I expected in one hour from a free webinar. Daniel’s honesty and integrity, via transparency in the consulting discussion, was very refreshing to see.  Exceptional presentation - thank you!"

Christina Zitka
Consulting Director, Development & Marketing
National Association of Congregational Christian Churches

"I appreciate Daniel's conversational tone and the thoroughness of his presentations. He provides good information."

Kathy Caudill
Director of Development
Benedictine Sisters of Chicago

"Is that Jed Clampett or James Bond Hiding in Your Database: Know Your Donors is an excellent presentation for any organization seeking to prioritize its fundraising efforts and maximize its results. The concepts outlined where simply defined and at the same time used as powerful organizing tools to enable the effective art and science of major gift program development."

Chris Good
Executive Director
Family Aid Catholic Education

"I would love my Development Committee members, Board and CEO to watch The Value of a Development Diagnostic. The speakers manner of presenting information is excellent and the statistics, forms and graphs were very informative."

Lisa Sheehan
Director of Development
St. Ann's Center for Children, Youth and Families

"If you work on Major Gifts in any way, or are thinking about doing Major Gifts, you must take the Increasing Your Fundraising ROI: A Major Gift Mindset webinar. I have been in development for 12 years and am a new Major Gift Officer at an organization that is trying to triple its small major gift program. Every seminar I've ever taken previously on Major Gifts has been too basic and not specific enough regarding program management. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Elizabeth Finlayson
Development Officer for Major Gifts
Women Employed

"Taking the Fear out of The Ask (What would John Wayne do?) helped me become more confident about preparing for and performing major gift asks. The information presented was well organized and practical. I could immediately understand how to apply what I learned to my own work in development."

Heather Best
Director of Development
Olney Friends School

"Ensuring Capital Campaign Success: The 4 I’s to Foolproof Planning was a great presentation! It provided tangible examples of capital campaign best practices and identified potential blind spots that will greatly benefit our organization's efforts. Thank you!"

Alton Carter
Vice President, Executive Board
RAMMS Fund, Inc.

"How to Get an "A" in Non-profit Board Fundraising was excellent and timely, providing valuable information necessary for recruiting new board members and helping them to effectively do their jobs. Daniel's presentation was engaging and informative, answering all of my questions. Thank you Daniel!"

Terry Ahern
Executive Director
Reining Heart Ranch

"Design and Messaging for Winning Campaign Materials webinar was especially good for those designing a capital campaign and for those re-evaluating the time frame of their yearly publications."

Constance Dalton
Director of Development
St. Elizabeth High School

"Ensuring Capital Campaign Success: The 4 I’s to Foolproof Planning was informative and very well presented. Daniel is a true professional!"

Bob Dodson
Planned Giving Advisor
Food for the Poor

"Increasing Your Fundraising ROI: A Major Gift Mindset was my first webinar with the fundraising resource group. I was a little skeptical at first but what great information, thank you so much! We're trying to begin a major gifts campaign and I've come away with some great ideas."

Laurie Branham
Board Member
SC Chapter for ALS

"Taking the Fear out of The Ask (What would John Wayne do?) was a great webinar because it was practical and not just theoretical. Daniel gave good examples of what to actually say when you are doing this work. Most books and speakers say, "ask for the gift." It's more helpful to hear, "here are some sample phrases to use to ask for a gift."

Stephanie Miller
Director of Development
Roadrunner Food Bank

"Design and Messaging for Winning Campaign Materials is an excellent and complete review of how to build your campaign messaging and deliver it."

Jerry Samu
Development Director
Holy Trinity Catholic High School

"If you want to know what the participation level of all board members should be when it comes to supporting the fundraising of your organization, How to get an “A” in Non-profit Board Fundraising is the webinar you want to participate in."

Mike Stice
Director of Development
Veritas School

"Taking the Fear out of The Ask (What would John Wayne do?) was a good refresher with process reminders for those experienced in asking for major gifts; it helps with getting your thoughts together. For someone new, I would tell them it gives them a good foundation for setting up the process and getting your thoughts together."

Susan Werner
Director of Institutional Advancement
Holy Spirit High School

"Ensuring Capital Campaign Success: The 4 I's to Foolproof Planning was very comprehensive and well done. The various charts and timelines were particularly helpful."

Kim Shiley
Assoc. Executive Director for Advancement
Episcopal Community Services

"Increasing Your Fundraising ROI: A Major Gift Mindset provides the strong underpinings of an excellent Major Gifts program. Strong substance AND style. Great information presented in a highly polished and understandable manner."

Patrick Norberto
Major Gifts Officer
Franciscan Friars of the Atonement - Graymoor

"Is that Jed Clampett or James Bond Hiding in Your Database? Know Your Donors" is a simple but effective in-depth look at the process. Relevant no matter what your level of experience is."

Jodi Hibbard
Individual Giving Officer
Dorset Wildlife Trust

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Time: 2:00 - 3:00 ET
Presenter: Daniel Neel

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Taking the Fear out of "The Ask" (What would John Wayne do?)

A recent study of executive directors and development directors revealed that while 79% believed competency in securing gifts is “very important,” 26% rated themselves as having no competency or being novices at fundraising. This free webinar addresses fears and provides practical, hands-on guidance and tools for planning, conducting, and successfully closing major and capital gifts. This session will touch on topics such as: changing your mindset, getting the appointment, overcoming objections, and providing the opportunity for capacity giving. At conclusion, you will be able to:

• Develop individualized solicitation strategies
• Solicit major gifts with confidence, anticipating and appropriately responding to potential objections
• Prepare others for effective solicitation visits

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only

The Messy Side of Major Gift Fundraising

Major gift fundraising doesn't follow the same satisfyingly neat and linear process that direct mail or fundraising events do; it requires a more nuanced approach. It isn't easy but successful major gift fundraising is the single most effective way to increase revenue without increasing expenses (while at the same time building lasting relationships). This free webinar will teach participants how to successfully color "outside the lines" and walk a crooked course to successful major gift fundraising. At the conclusion of the session, you will be able to:

• Develop a major gift program that will use your time effectively and engage others successfully in the process,
• Measure the success of your major gift program and make appropriate adjustments as necessary,
• Create and execute individual donor strategies and approaches specific to assigned major gift prospects.

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only

Your Most Asked Questions About Capital Campaigns, Answered

How will a capital campaign impact our annual giving? How many volunteers do we need for a campaign? How long will it take? How do we keep the enthusiasm going throughout the campaign? These are just a few of the questions we are often asked when an organization is planning or conducting a capital campaign. This webinar will answer these questions and many more for organizations contemplating or conducting a capital campaign. There will also be time for participants to ask any questions that aren’t covered. At conclusion, participants will know:

• Steps necessary in planning a successful capital campaign;
• How to determine organizational readiness and the potential impact of a capital campaign on the organization; and
• What is necessary to successfully organize and execute a capital campaign.

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only

How Healthy are Your School’s Fundraising Operations?

How much should your school raise? How are you doing with getting current parents to give? Alumni? Others? Are your events as effective as they should be? Do you have the right organizational structure? Are you getting the most you can from your board and other volunteers? Are you making your case and marketing strategically? Do you have the right systems and procedures in place? Are you working as smart as you can and getting the most out of your efforts? This webinar will tell you how to get the answers to these questions and much more through a comprehensive Development Diagnostic for your school, to set you on your path to fundraising growth. Participants will:

• Learn what the framework for a healthy school development operation is
• Understand the elements, benchmarks, and measurements to evaluate your current activities and develop a plan for growth tailored to your needs
• Be able to engage leadership in an informed discussion on the value of a development diagnostic for your school

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only

Ensuring Capital Campaign Success: The 4 I's to Foolproof Planning

Effective capital campaign planning can't start early enough and should be a comprehensive, collaborative process. In this session you'll learn the essential elements of a successful capital campaign using best practices, practical experience and specific examples. This free webinar will touch on many topics including: the benefits of a feasibility study, developing a written communications strategy, creating your case for support, enlisting and preparing committed leadership and volunteers, the campaign timetable and more. At the conclusion you'll be able to:

• Understand what it takes to conduct a successful capital campaign
• Create a comprehensive campaign business plan
• Make informed decisions on how to proceed with a campaign

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only




The 7 Deadly Sins of Capital Campaigns and How to
Avoid Them

Why do some capital campaigns not reach their goal? When it happens, organizations often blame "external" circumstances. Yet in our experience, many organizations generate their own problems either during the planning, preparation or execution of their campaign. This free, fast-paced webinar will use real-life examples to identify the most common seven deadly sins for capital campaigns and provide strategies to avoid them. At conclusion, you will be able to:

• Understand what leads to a successful capital campaign
• Recognize potential problems before they become fatal flaws
• Be able to develop strategies to ensure you avoid the seven deadly sins

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only

How Do You Know If You're Healthy if You've Never Had a Checkup? The Value of a Development Diagnostic

How healthy is your fundraising? How do you know? An annual visit to the doctor helps ensure you are on track with your personal health and detect any issues that can be treated or prevented. Applying this same diagnostic process to your fundraising activities will help ensure your development operation is focusing and managing limited resources efficiently and effectively. This free webinar will review: the essential elements of an effective diagnostic process, what a fundraising diagnostic covers, common pitfalls many fundraising operations face and insights into solutions. You will:

• Learn what the framework for a healthy development operation is
• Understand the benefits of a thorough development diagnostic
• Be able to detail the process and application of a complete diagnostic evaluation

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only

Drain or Gain? Capital Campaigns, Annual Giving, and Your Development Operation

"Will a capital campaign gobble up my annual gifts?" This is one of the biggest questions we get related to conducting a capital and annual campaign at the same time. Correctly coordinated, a capital campaign will actually enhance you annual fundraising. In this free webinar, a combination of instruction and real-life examples, you’ll gain easily implementable strategies and learn how to coordinate the activities of a capital and annual fundraising campaign to maximize both by:

• Identifying the challenges and establishing appropriate expectations
• Effectively engaging staff and volunteers in a coordinated effort
• Educating donors on the value of faithful annual giving and the need for over-and-above capital contributions.

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only

How to Get an "A" in Non-profit Board Fundraising

The greatest opportunity for involvement for non-profit boards is in fundraising. A recent survey of nonprofit CEOs and board members found that only 16% of respondents gave their board an “A” or “B” in fundraising, while 84% graded their performance as a “C” or below. This free webinar is designed to provide you with the tools and training needed to effectively engage your board in its most important challenge and transform them into fearless fundraisers. You will learn how to:

• Learn to effectively communicate specific expectations for board members
• Be able to provide the appropriate structure and training to empower board members
• Be able to effectively engage board members to be successful

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only

How to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Team

Growing a successful strategic development operation requires maximizing the efforts of all who are involved in fundraising for your organization. This free webinar covers what a successful development operation looks like including: how much time should be spent on various activities such as fundraising appeals, grants, major gift development, communications, planned giving and management; the role of the board development committee and volunteers; and the elements of a good event and how to effectively evaluate your events. This session will guide you to:

• Learn how to focus limited human resources on highest-impact activities
• Be able to engage the board and others effectively in fundraising
• Be able to evaluate appropriate objectives and return vs. staff and volunteer commitment for events

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only

The Strategic Planning Process: Developing Your "PLAN A"

The biggest challenge in organizational strategic planning is to create a plan that is actually executed. This free webinar will teach participants to structure and facilitate a strategic planning process, and develop a plan that is actionable with accountability. At conclusion you will be able to:

• Understand the purpose of planning
• Define the lenses you'll use to focus the plan
• Analyze the information to create the plan, and
• Develop a no-nonsense plan with accountability

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only

Essential Elements for Strategic and Effective Marketing Communications

This free webinar will provide practical guidance and tools for nonprofit organizations in developing and successfully implementing more strategic and effective marketing communications. You will learn:

• What a marketing communications strategy statement is and how to develop one
• The whys and hows of effective internal marketing and its role in achieving external marketing goals
• Elements of a strong brand identity and why it’s important

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only

Is that Jed Clampett or James Bond Hiding in Your Database?
Know Your Donors

When peering into the deep of your donor base, it is critical not to “drown in a sea of opportunity.” There are many types of donors; how do you segment, manage and prioritize your time for a high-quality major gift portfolio? This free webinar will teach participants to effectively use prospect research and review to understand the passions and interests of individual donors and develop donor plans that meet the donors’ motivations. At conclusion, you will be able to:

• Identify specific donor types
• Effectively interpret donor research and anecdotal review, and
• Develop specific individualized donor strategies.

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only

Flying Pigs: The Case for Online Giving NOW

Blackbaud's study, The Next Generation of Giving, determined that for the first time ever, more Baby Boomers gave online than via direct mail in 2013. This is the same group that accounts for the lion's share of giving (43%) and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. While direct mail is far from dead, it is on the demise. Do you have an effective strategy to acquire and retain donors online? If not, now is not too soon to start.

This free webinar, using factual information and real-life examples, will make the case for why online giving should be an important part of your fundraising strategy today and how it can lower your donor acquisition costs while raising your average donation size.

CFRE Credit: 1 Credit applies for live webinar participation only

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