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Efficiency and effectiveness are key at a time when it is crucial for non-profit organizations to be good stewards of their limited resources. Non-profit organizations of all sizes and in all sectors are challenged to grow their operational funding and meet extraordinary capital needs through focused, high-impact fundraising programs without spending the majority of those funds on outside consulting.

Our one-on-one and group fundraising training is designed with both effectiveness and efficiency in mind.  We believe you should not pay us to do what you can do yourself.  However, we are certain we can teach you, give you the tools, and provide guidance that will increase your fundraising effectiveness.

Fundraising Resource has developed comprehensive fundraising training programs and tools that will help you:

• assess your current communications and fundraising effectiveness;
• develop a high-impact, integrated strategic fundraising plan;
• orchestrate an effective major gift program;
• engage organizational leadership and board members in fundraising;
• measure and track fundraising results;
• market and communicate your non-profit's mission;
• train your staff and volunteers to be highly effective in their roles;
• prepare for and conduct a successful and affordable capital campaign.

The problem with most fundraising training courses is that they are limited to in-classroom learning. Our training is a combination of education and practical application; we continue to mentor you through the process to ensure the training is absorbed and properly applied. Whether it's a self-led capital campaign, major gift and donor development, or other aspects of your development or advancement operation, we ensure that the investment you make yourself or your employees pays off.

The Fundraising Resource is dedicated to transferring the skills and knowledge necessary to grow your operational funding, developing affordable and effective individualized services to provide ongoing support for your specific needs.  Through the use of technology and efficient methodology, The Fundraising Resource will ensure that you have the support and guidance you need to implement the training provided in a cost-efficient way so you get the most out of your investment.

Fundraising professionals, executives and board members from all types of non-profit organizations will benefit from the our fundraising training courses and mentoring no matter where you are as an organization in the maturity of your fundraising programs.  Call us today at 888-522-1492 or email us to find out how we can guide you to growth and independence from high-cost consulting.

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The Fundraising Resource Group is an Approved Continuing Education Provider for the CFRE credential.