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Fundraising Training
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Fundraising training that helps ensure fundraising success

Fundraising training is one of the many ways we can help ensure that you efficiently and effectively grow your operational funding, focusing on high-impact activities without spending the majority of those funds on outside counsel.

Training is Our Foundation

Our consulting philosophy is grounded in training to provide you and your organization with lasting results. We believe you should not pay us to do what you can do yourself. We provide all the support you and your organization need, while teaching you, giving you the tools, and providing guidance that will increase your fundraising effectiveness.

Our Unique Qualifications

Daniel Neel is uniquely qualified for this role; he spent years at the largest fundraising consulting firm in the United States training consultants and giving them the skills and tools necessary to successfully guide non-profits in all aspects of their fundraising efforts. Today, through The Fundraising Resource Group, we provide that same training and expertise directly to non-profit organizations. We have developed comprehensive fundraising training programs and tools that will help you:

  • assess your current communications and fundraising effectiveness.
  • develop an individualized, high-impact strategic fundraising plan.
  • orchestrate an effective major gift program.
  • engage organizational leadership and board members in fundraising.
  • measure and track fundraising results.
  • market and communicate your non-profit's mission.
  • train your staff and volunteers to be highly effective in their roles.
  • prepare for and conduct a successful and affordable capital campaign.

Affordable and Effective

The Fundraising Resource is dedicated to transferring the skills and knowledge necessary to grow your operational funding, and at the same time developing affordable and effective individualized services to provide ongoing support for your specific needs. Through the use of technology and efficient methodology, The Fundraising Resource will ensure that you have the support and guidance you need to implement the teaching provided in a cost-efficient way so you get the most out of your investment.

Although no substitute for in-depth fundraising training designed specifically for your needs, fundraising professionals, executives and board members from all types of non-profit organizations can benefit from our FREE Fundraising Webinars no matter where you are as an organization in the maturity of your fundraising programs.

Free Fundraising Webinars


Jeanne Hamrick recommends The Fundraising Resource for fundraising training.

"Daniel Neel was instrumental in giving me the training and guidance I needed to learn how to be an effective fundraising professional."

Jeanne Hamrick
Director of Advancement
Bishop Gorman High School
Las Vegas, NV

Fundraising training for nonprofit organizations.

"I first had the opportunity of experiencing Daniel’s professional approach to fundraising and training through his seminar sessions. Daniel’s ability to transfer his knowledge and expertise, and his relational approach has given us access to expertise that we could not have otherwise gained."

Ann Letteer
Executive Director
The Pines Catholic Camp
Dallas, TX

Build one of the most successful fundraising organizations in the country

"I had the privilege of teaming with Daniel Neel to build one of the most successful fundraising organizations in the country. His creativity, strategic approach, passion and teaching ability helped not only the organizations we served exceed their expectations, but also prepared our team of professional consultants to excel in their calling."

Dan Conway
Consultant to the Archbishop for Mission Advancement
Archdiocese of St. Louis